How do I buy designs?

First, register yourself as a buyer in the system. You will receive login information via e-mail which includes a confirmation link. After your confirmation you can log in with your access data directly as a buyer. Now you can buy credits. You need a credit balance to buy designs. Your purchases will be charged to your credit balances.

How can I pay for credits?

Paypal payment methodes are available. Through Paypal You can also pay directly with your credit card. To pay with Paypal, it is not necessary to have a Paypal account! You can also make a payment with Paypal as a guest. Take the buying process to the relevant information and links. Your advantage if paying by Paypal: Your credits will be balanced immediately.

How I can sell designs?

In order to sell designs, first sign up as a vendor. You will receive access with a confirmation link via e-mail. After your confirmation, you can directly log in as a seller. At My Account – My items you can capture all relevant information about your designs. You determine what amount of credits you want to be charged for the articles.

How do I introduce my products in the best way?

IMPORTANT: You are selling a ZIP file. This file contains all relevant files. Drawings, descriptions that are needed for the construction must be included. This zip file will be available to the buyer after purchase.
PDF-File: In order to give as much information about your product to be potential buyer, you can also upload a PDF-file, which contains all relevant information. This file can be downloaded by the buyer and is fully readable before purchase.

In addition, you place items in the form detection data: Product name; short description; long description; keywords; Photo, Price in credits. Your article will be shown for a limited period.

Describe the contents of your Zip file in the detailed description.

Hint: Fill in the entry fields as accurately as possible, so your construction can be found. Use correct spelling and avoid typo. The site owner is not responsible for posted information and assumes no corrections..

I do not have a zip program and / or any PDF writer on my computer, what should I do?

No problem, you can download free tools here.

How much does a credit cost?

For the credit purchase there is a quantity scale. If you buy more credits in a purchase transaction, the credit price will get cheaper. The current quantity scale can be found »here.

How much do I earn per credit?

Every credit has a value of 1,00 Euro. If you enter a value of 28 credits, you receive €28.00 per sale. The credits are billed monthly and paid as a credit amount from 50.00€ to your bank account.

Why can I only download once?

This is a safety reason and to curb abuse.

My download failed, what do I do?

Please contact ourSupport-FormularPlease include your name and the product number of your purchase.