As a long-term design engineer in the entire field of mechanical engineering I also must start many constructions (designs) all over again. Although there are useful structures on the market already.

In the private sector we have enough documents and databases, to build a framework for constructions. But when we move on the outskirts of our products under development, we begin our constructions all over again. That is, for example, to integrate a linear unit for an automatic drive into the project, first we must deal with market analysis and other things, before we create a complete redesign.

And there are these constructions in the drawers of many engineers around the world. In spite of numerous searches on the internet, I’ve not found andy offers of this kind so far!

The idea of Konbay – the internet portal for constructions – was born from my own experience and my own needs. I risked the investments and created this site to my ideas. Many thanks at this point to Isolde Nagel and Rainer Deckert for the fruitful cooperation.

You have probably constructions in your archive, owned by you yourself, covered in dust for a long time. Many other design engineers would be happy, if they could take a look at these constructions, to facilitate the work.

I am therefore pleased about every design engineer, who commits in our portal. For its own benefit and for the benefit of many other designers around the world.

I appreciate wishes and suggestions.

Sincerely yours, Michael Storz